The strength of value that connects generations

SYNCO is a Polish family company specializing in the production of pre-insulated pipelines based on PEX, PE and copper pipes, operating on the market for over 30 years. SYNCO hides not only high-quality materials or innovative ideas. It is primarily a family enterprise with an interesting history and a unique approach to employees.

Fascinated by creating innovative solutions in 1992, SYNCO was the first company in Poland to introduce PEX pre-insulated pipes to the domestic market and was the general distributor of the foreign ECOFLEX pipe system manufactured by the Uponor concern.

In 1999, SYNCO launched the production of flexible pre-insulated pipelines with a PEX carrier pipe based on its own patent, which have been used at over 2,000 facilities in the country and abroad.

Between tradition and innovation – SYNCOPEX®

New challenges are our specialty. SYNCO is also a creative space that combines the potential of scientists, specialists and innovation. Thanks to this, we create new and effective solutions, and each project is discovering new and surprising solutions. One of them is – SYNCOPEX®. It is an ecological system of pre-insulated pipelines manufactured according to our own patents.

Pipelines for many applications

Our pipelines have a wide spectrum of applications. A wide range of products comprehensively take into account the needs of our customers, but still strive to search for new solutions. The offer includes pipes for:

    • low parameter heating networks 203°F – 6 bars,
    • hot utility water network 158°F – 10 bars,
    • 10 bar water supply networks,
    • technological networks in the food and chemical industry,
    • stechnological networks of swimming pools.

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